What is Escape Room Kenya?

Escape Room Kenya offers real-life adventure game rooms in Nairobi that challenges players to work together to escape from a themed room by solving a series of puzzles. Teamwork, intuition and intelligence are critical to a successful escape. Clues, riddles and codes are embedded within the room just waiting to be found and cracked by players before the 60-minute limit is up! We now have three game rooms available: The Poacher’s Lair , the Inventor’s Workshop, and the Submarine. All rooms can host teams of 4-10 players, so we can host 30 people in 1 hour.

Where did escape rooms come from?

Escape rooms first began as real-life physical games in 2006, though the escape room concept originally began as an online game, first developed in Japan. There are now over 4300 rooms operating in over 900 cities worldwide. Escape rooms are particularly popular in the US, Canada, China, Japan, and increasingly in Europe. Escape Room Kenya is proud to be one of the first escape rooms in Kenya.

Who is it for?

Escape Room Kenya caters to everyone!….friends, families, students and workplace groups alike.

  • Friends/Families: A fun adventure for an evening or weekend!
  • Kids: Great for birthday parties!
  • Companies & NGOs: A perfect team-building activity for colleagues and a welcome escape from your Nairobi office!
  • Students: A unique way to practice problem solving outside the classroom!
  • Gamers/Geeks: A new offline challenge for your brain!
  • Tourists and Travelers: An unforgettable experience in the unforgettable city of Nairobi!

Why should I play?

Escape rooms are new to Kenya, and you will want to be a part of this new craze and spectacular experience in Nairobi! Escape Room Kenya creates fun and educational experiences that foster creativity, team building, and human ingenuity. The challenging themed escape room games are designed to offer a unique educational experience, delivered an entertaining and adventurous way.

Which room should I do?

  • We have 3 game rooms available, which are the Poacher’s Lair, the Inventor’s Workshop, and the Submarine. The Inventor’s Workshop is slightly more difficult than our other rooms.
  • We recommend the Submarine for Beginners and for those who have never tried an escape room before.
  • All 3 rooms offer a range of puzzles which require problem solving, cooperation, and test you in both mental and physical ways (no physical exertion or strength is required)
  • Read more about the rooms background stories by clicking here.

Aren’t escape games just for geeks?

Definitely not. Left-brained, right-brained and undecided-brained players will be equally entertained, engaged and challenged by our games.

What happens if my team gets stuck and can’t escape?

Not to worry! Our Game Masters who are monitoring your game are standing by to assist you with helpful hints should you find yourselves stuck in your efforts to win the race to escape.


What is the ideal team size for each game room?

We recommend 4-10 players for all rooms. The minimum team size is 4 players for all of our rooms and the maximum is 10 players depending on the room.

Is there an age restriction?

While there is no restriction on age (our youngest player to date is 9 months!), we don’t charge for players under 7yrs. We have successfully run our rooms with groups of 12 yrs olds (for birthday parties), and the Game Masters provide more assistance by walkie talkies for these groups to ensure the kids are motivated and busy. Group of kids below the age of 12 are required to have an adult on the team.

For players under 18, Waivers of Liability forms must be signed by each minor’s legal guardian. There is no upper limit on age as there are no challenging physical aspects to the game and no fear factors. The older and wiser may even be faster to escape!

How much does it cost?

  • Escape Room Kenya tickets are 2000 ksh per person.
  • Our special student price is 1800 for those below 18 years (with valid student cards presented on your game day).
  • For groups larger than 10 people, please talk to us about possible discounts BEFORE your game day.
  • All payments are received through MPESA on our bookings page. Don’t forget to check the promotions on our homepage. To find out more about the prices please refer to our bookings section.

How can I book Escape Rooms?

You can book online via our website (see bookings page.). In order to complete your booking, you will need to provide your 10-digit MPESA booking confirmation number. You will then instantly receive a booking confirmation email. Cancellations are possible with a minimum 48 hours notice (for a 50% refund) or you may reschedule your game with 48hrs notice.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a game?

If you’d like to give the game experience as a gift to your friends or relatives, consider buying a gift voucher from Escape Room Kenya. If you’d like to buy one, please visit the bookings page. The gift vouchers are valid for 6 months.

Can I cancel my booking or reschedule a new session?

You may cancel your game with a minimum 48 hours notice (to receive a 50% refund). You may also reschedule the game for another time by giving us at least 48hrs notice. For rescheduling, please contact us by email to info@escaperoomkenya.com or by phone at 0796 110 706

What if I want to bring extra people to the game?

You are welcome to bring extra people to join your game, as long as the maximum player limit (10 people) is not exceeded. Additional players need to pay 2000 ksh per person upon arrival and you are ready to escape!

What time should I arrive?

It is important to arrive 15 minutes before your booked session for your briefing and introduction to the game room.

Corporate Team Building Events

Please contact us for any Corporate Event requests, as we can make special arrangements to suit your needs. Outdoor team-building space and catering is available onsite.


Can I bring alcohol into the room?

No alcohol is allowed in the room. If any team member is under influence of alcohol or drugs, he/she will be turned away, and no refund will be given.

Can I take photos or record videos in the room?

Please do NOT take picture or video recording inside the room. Also please do not reveal any of the tricks, puzzles and solution to the public. It will spoil the game for others.



  • Escape Room Kenya is all about enjoying the experience of finding clues, and solving puzzles and riddles in a fun and safe environment.
  • During the game we may play background music and also use sound effects, but given most groups have diverse abilities this is usually not an issue. There are no sudden/loud/scary noises.
  • At the moment there are only a very few puzzles which can be solved without using one’s vision. That’s what team-building is for!
  • Should you have any special requirements, please let us know upon booking your game and we will do our best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
  • Please note that all our escape rooms have been designed for wheelchair users in mind, and our Games Master will help wheelchair users over the single step onto our veranda and into each room.
  • There are baby-changing facilities available in our unisex toilets, only steps away from both game rooms.
  • Escape Room Kenya games are appropriate for all levels of fitness. No heavy lifting is required. The only muscle you will need to flex over and over is your brain!

I’m pregnant, can I play?

  • Escape Room Kenya values our pregnant players, as the carers of the next generation of escape room artists!
  • In all the rooms there is somewhere to sit down and the game rooms can be left at any time during the game.
  • We can confirm that there are no physical challenges or fear factors involved.

I’m claustrophobic, can I play?

Our rooms are fairly spacious with high ceilings (2.2 – 2.8m) and space to move around and sit comfortably for rest. We can leave the entry door unlocked if it helps you to feel more comfortable. The game rooms can be left at any time during the game and our unisex toilet is only a few steps away from all game rooms.

Further Questions?

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.