Team building? Night out? Birthday? Weekend hangout?…


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Discover the Ultimate time game challenge in Kenya, Form a group, get locked in, solve puzzles and escape within 1hr.

Kenya’s No:1 Escape Room Game

We have moved to Karen Village, and we have three rooms open to play!


Can YOU escape?…

Escape Room Kenya offers a fun new adventure game in Nairobi that challenges players to work together to escape from a special puzzle room. Clues, riddles and codes are embedded within the rooms just waiting to be found and cracked by teams before the 60-minute limit is up! Come and try this entertaining educational experience and test your problem solving and teamwork skills.

We are located within the serene and buzzing environment of Karen Village – so make your ‘escape experience’ a leisurely half-day affair!

Who can play?

It is a game for everyone

Escape Room Kenya caters to friends, families, students and company groups alike.

  • Friends/Families: A fun adventure for an evening or weekend!
  • Kids: Great for birthday parties!
  • Companies and NGOs: A perfect team-building activity for colleagues, and a welcome escape from your Nairobi office!
  • Gamers/Geeks: A new offline challenge for your brain!
  • Students: A unique way to practice problem solving in a new setting!
  • Tourists and Travelers: An unforgettable experience in the unforgettable city of Nairobi!

How to Play

Email us about making special arrangements for your team building days, large groups, and kids’ birthdays!