Are you looking for a unique corporate team building activity?

At Escape Room Kenya, we enable organizations to experience a different kind of corporate team building, we have been in Kenya since 2016!

Our Escape games operate in the following manner:

  • Book a day or half day with Escape Room Kenya. It is best to book larger/corporate groups by phone or email, so that we may cater to your team’s specific needs.
  • Organize your group into teams of 10 people to play our Escape game rooms. We can run two rooms at one time. For multiple teams, you can plan to have them play the same rooms (perhaps back to back) to compete for the fastest time!

  • The teams are then locked in a room. Each team can choose the room! Both rooms offer different team building challenges.
  • Teams have 60 minutes to escape from the room and must work together to solve riddles, unravel mysteries and detect clues.

During the live escape game, colleagues will have to use their mental abilities and observational skills collectively as they face a series of mental challenges puzzles under the pressure of the ticking clock!

How the Escape Room Team Building will benefit your team?

  • The conditions of the live escape game encourage colleagues to interact with one another and express themselves in a way that is different from their usual interactions in the workplace
  • Colleagues will get to know one another much better and differently as they work together to escape from the room.
  • This kind of team building activity allows colleagues to think creatively whilst facing the challenges presented in the rooms.
  • This fun team building game brings colleagues closer together and upon completion, generates a sense of achievement within the teams.

Contact Escape Room Kenya today!

If you are trying to rekindle some team spirit within your team, then give Escape Room Kenya a try.

Contact us to inform us of your requirements and preferences before booking on our website, as this will allow us to help organize the structure of your day to ensure that your team gets the most from our team building activities.

Let us take your group away from their day-to-day environment and create lasting memories that will benefit the cohesion of your team!