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The Jail House book now

The year is 1971. You have been wrongfully imprisoned and are desperate to escape. Rumours around the Jail House suggest that there has been one successful escape before, and apparently that clever prisoner has left clues to guide other inmates to a successful escape. The Jail House warden and guards have taken a 1-hour lunch break and this is your best and only chance. Only with the help of the other inmates will you be able to follow the trail of clues in time to escape. You have 60 minutes to escape the Jail House, or risk being locked inside forever!

A concept image of an eerie corridor in a prison at night showing jail cells dimly illuminated by various ominous lights and a bunch of cell keys laying ominously on the floor

The Inventor’s Workshop book now

For decades a secretive inventor has been creating  new devices that have the potential to alter our future……but she has now disappeared! No one knows why this infamous inventor has vanished, but she has filled her workshop with clever clues to help disguise  her inventions. You are her only trusted allies and must now crack the codes she left in the workshop  in order to escape and share the marvelous new inventions with the world!

old classic robot tin toys in vintage tone

The Submarine book now

A rogue crew member of the research submarine, the HMS EXPLORER, has sabotaged the vessel’s engine – and the submarine is quickly plummeting to deadly depths!! Only the remaining crew (with the help of a rescue team by radio) will be able to regain control of the submarine, steer it back to the surface and escape the dark and dangerous descent…